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Born in Bangalore, India, Aamina is Egyptian/Tamilian (owing quarter of her ethnicity to the former, a descendent of third-generation immigrants). She had the privilege of living in Lagos, London and Singapore through her formative years, this early exposure to diverse cultures contributed to an eclectic and holistic outlook that informs her (life, work, and art) every day.

Her deep-rooted interest in art and expressionism, eventually manifested in the fashion world; with stints at Prada in London and Saint Laurent in Hong Kong, as retail and merchandising positions.

Having moved back to India and setting up base in New Delhi in 2016, Aamina continued to work in fashion with local and international brands across varying roles of business and operational development. From organising runway presentations at Paris Fashion Week, to closely working with founding partners in order to re-strategise and align businesses with circular models, her multi-experience in fashion led to deeper inquiries towards understanding the meaning of art and its material significance. Her research brought the onset of Mind Meditations, an ongoing project-turned residency at Noods Radio, that aims to challenge preconceived notions of contemporary (or popularised) forms of meditation, by exploring its traditional/ neolithic roots as a tool for integration/ transformation.

Aamina is presently brand manager at Paro Botanica, consultant at CCG and a meditation teacher in training.

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Strategy, Business, Brand & Organization Development, Leadership & Entrepreneurship, Coaching, Fashion Industry


  • Osho
  • Hiroshi Motoyama
  • Ram Dass
  • 道德經 (Tao Te Ching)
  • The Vedas
  • László Moholy-Nagy
  • Martin Margiela
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