Astrid Wecht

astrid wecht

CCG Consultant

Meditation Teacher, Yoga Teacher, Transpersonal Process Work Advisor, Consciousness Consultant, Author

Vienna, Austria 

About Astrid


I love to support people to

… get in contact with their own potential, wisdom and effectiveness.
… be connected with their inner peace, clarity and joy, unaffected from happenings in the outside.

I believe if everybody would follow the path of consciousness, even with small steps, we would have a more peace- und joyful (working)live. Where we create an environment of personal growth and flourishing, where everybody can unleash his greatness and power. Where we can reach our goals and solve our daily challenges clearly focused, based in a field of deeply fulfilling connection and collaboration with others.

My personal path of consciousness started about 20 years ago when I met my first yoga & meditation teacher, who just returned from Asia, where he had been living as a monch for about 10 years. I got fascinated by the teachings of Yoga and Buddhism. Many training courses followed to deepen my knowledge and experience. On this way there also occurred inner and outer crises. Thanks to my teachers and educations I always emerged stronger and clearer from these situations. Therefore 2015 I decided to share all my experiences with other people and to support them on their path.

On the other side, I’ve been in the corporate world for more than 30 years in various positions. From part time employee to leadership roles.

I understand and feel comfortable in both worlds and want to bring them together.

Furthermore, I am happy to be mother of two teens, enjoy travelling, hiking, dancing and always curious about things which broaden my horizons.

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Education & Experiences


  • Transpersonal Process Work (Bewusstseinsschule Richard Stiegler) – current
  • Yoga Teacher and Yoga Intense Training (e.g., Florian Palzinsky, James Higgins)
  • Meditation Teacher (Lharampa Tenzin Kalden)
  • Various Advanced Trainings (e.g., Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach, Marie Mannschatz)


Work Experiences

  • Key Account Manager and Department Head in Online Agencies
  • Founder and owner of “Chill the monkey” from 2015 – current:
    • Facilitated numerous workshops and trainings in corporates and Stillness and well-being retreats
    • Developed an Online Program and 1:1 Consciousness Consulting
  • Consultant at CCG Conscious Consulting Group – current
  • Online Marketing & Senior Social Media Manager at Austrian Airlines – current

Fields of Work

I support Leaders and Teams to find inner stability, clarity and joy in order to

  • Maximize their effectiveness
  • Promote their well-being
  • Optimize their interpersonal relationships
  • 1:1-Consulting
  • Online Programs
  • Workshops, Trainings and Retreats.


I developed the “3,3 step method” which is based on a holistic concept:

Step 1: Body
The body is the door to awareness. You learn to

  • become aware of your body
  • read and to follow the needs of your body, like relaxing, mobilizing, grounding yourself


Step 2: Breath

You learn to use your breath

  • as source of life energy and vitality
  • to come to rest and find inner peace


Step 3: Mind

You learn to

  • prevent/free your mind from dwelling on stressful thoughts and feelings
  • connect with inner stillness any time


Step 0,3: Keeping at it

You learn to

  • exercise on a regular and joyful basis
  • turn new methods into natural habits


All exercises of these steps can be integrated easily into the everyday life, which support immediately in challenging situations and to enable sustainable transformation.


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