Conscious Business Certification

The Conscious Business Certificate

We certify businesses focused on serving People and Planet through Conscious Business practices. We help businesses be sustainable and regenerative while leaving spaces in better shape than they found it. Our Conscious Business Certificate helps businesses commit to this journey and showcase their intentions to inspire others.

Conscious organization

Over time you will evolve and improve as an organization and become a better version of yourself

Attracting Investments

More and more investment funds and investors are looking for sustainable and responsible investment opportunites

Attract Young Talent

Attracting young talent is one of the key challenges for businesses. Only when you can offer a conscious business model and culture you will be chosen.

Attract customers

Customers become more and more sensitive to buying responsibly. They want to see that with their purchase they benefit people and planet.

The Conscious Business Certificate


 Sustainable practices and conscious culture are becoming more important for profitable businesses. What’s good for the planet and people is also good for profits in the long run.

Our certification approach involves self-assessment and leadership commitment rather than benchmark evaluation. 

The certification is intended to spark a journey of positive impact for people and planet. 

We provide guidance on where you could improve beyond your current practices.

our approach

Conscious Business is not at destination: it is a daily practice

the 4 four pillars of conscious Business

In our shared assessment workshops we follow the four pillar model of the CONSCIOUS BUSINESS FOUNDATION and the CONSCIOUS CAPITALISM FOUNDATION with whom we closely collaborate. 

In this model the Conscious Purpose and Essential values are at the core and key starting point. From there we look into the company Business Model and Strategy, company culture, leadership approaches and stakeholder inclusion. We are looking into the impact all of those create for the company, people (including the community and society as well as own employees) and planet (the physical world)

The CCG Impact model


Ask yourself and others: what impact does this decision have on people and the planet? 

By prioritizing the well-being of both, and making conscious choices, you become a conscious business.

how the certification process works

We are using our consulting philosophy to create a starting point and then chose a step by step approach. We start with a workshop series of 3 Workshops. If you can commit you will get the Conscious Business Certificate for 6 months on a provisional basis. 

We are happy to help you with additional topics like specialty workshops on: Conscious Digital Marketing, Conscious Selling, Conscious Pricing, Conscious Leadership Program and many more. 

initial Workshop 1


In this first step we create online or in person workshops with the leadership team to assess the current status around the 4 pillars of Conscious Business.

We will take a deep look and start an awareness process on the key questions: What are we doing? Why? How? What impact are we creating and do we even care?

Initial Workshp 2

Intention setting

In the next step we will help you, the Leadership Team, to set clear intentions to move towards a more conscious business model, purpose, leadership, culture and relating to your stakeholder.

Initial Workshop 3

getting started

In this step you define micro-steps that are doable, that are safe enough to try and that everyone on the team can commit to.

One part of the practice is the participation in a Conscious Business Leadership Practice Group, facilitated by a professional catalyst, organized by the Conscious Business Foundation


after 6 Months

Check point 1

After 6 months we will create a follow-up workshop to see how you kept your commitments and agree on next steps to take the Conscious Business to the next level.

after 12 months

Check point 2

After 12 months we will close with an evaluation Workshop similar to the initial workshop: what has changed? where are we now? 

year two

Intention setting

We start the year with a clear intention setting to take Conscious Business to the next level and continue the process like in year 1. If we see you are on track, workshops can be reduced to once a year. 

Costs of the Certification Process
Small Enterprises and Start-ups

small Enterprises and Start-ups
starts from 8500 per year
  • Desk Research, Preparation
  • Initial assessment: 3 Workshops 0,5-1 days, in person and online
  • Check-point 1 workshop after 6 months
  • Check-point II after 12 months
  • Frameworks, Support Material and in between calls

Costs of the Certification Process
medium to large enterprises

small Enterprises and Start-ups
starts from 15.000 per year
  • Desk Research, Preparation
  • Initial assessment: 3 Workshops 0,5-1 days in person and online
  • Check-point 1 workshop after 6 months
  • Check-point II after 12 months
  • Frameworks, Support Material and in between calls

Any Special Requests?

Just tell us about your needs and we’ll figure out the best option for you.