Maria Yasinovskaya

Maria yasinovskaya

CCG Consultant

Executive Coach, HR Expert, Change Manager, Retreat Leader

About Maria


I was born in St. Petersburg and attended a school with in-depth language classes in English and Hindi. There I discovered my passion for singing and dancing the classical Indian dance Kuchipudi. After graduating from high school, I started to study social work at St. Petersburg State University. In the middle of my studies my family and I emigrated to Germany. That was the first big change in my life. Since then, I have been living in Berlin and now I have 2 degrees and many years of professional experience. During this time, I have made wonderful friendships. I love spending time with my family and friends. The passion for music and dancing has remained and some new ones have emerged like painting & photography. I love to travel, which allows me to constantly collect new experiences. Through active sports (beach) volleyball, fitness, swimming) meditation and yoga, I recharge my energy and can wonderfully relax and connect with myself. For me, consciousness & mindfulness, learning and change is a very important part of my life. Meeting new people and cultures, developing new skills and being able to help other people to tap into their power and potential and re-connect with their true selves on different levels (physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) contributes to my sense of purpose, self-fulfillment and enriches my life.

I always knew that my ultimate passion is to work with and for people. I realized very early on that service, kindness, empathy togetherness, connection and mutual support give an incredible amount of strength in my everyday life and has a huge impact on other people’s lives. These early insights led to my professional decision to work in the field of human resources, specializing in talent management and learning & development. Over the years, a very concrete passion has emerged especially for holistic (HR & personal) development and in particular coaching & training. I have worked as an external and internal trainer, facilitator, coach and executive consultant in various large, international, fast-paced and start-up companies. 

Currently I am working as HR Project Director (a.i) at an international non-profit organization. All these experiences have enriched my view on (personal and professional) transformation, HR development, intercultural competence, diversity and the importance of change and development in any organization. Moreover my own experience very clearly showed me that consciousness, awareness, interconnectedness, compassion, humanity, love and authenticity are not just some nice buzz words, but are one of the most crucial drivers of purposeful and everlasting change and transformation in any aspect of our lives, be it personal or professional. My approach as a coach, trainer, mediator and consultant is conscious & holistic at its core, individual and resource oriented. I strongly believe that every person and organization carry an eternal source for change, creation and solutions. And I provide a triggering impulse on how to identify and steer all this potential in the right direction, which is sustainable and meaningful. 

More about Maria

Education & Experiences

Professional experience 

  • Since 2008: Working in International HR in various functions;  the last 4 Years as Head of HR / People in tech environment, scaling Start-ups 
  • Since 2015: Independent HR consultant, trainer, coach & yoga teacher
  • Since 2015: Mentor for new leaders and professionals (HWR Berlin & MentorMe Germany)


  • Licensed Brain Health Trainer (Amen University online, 2022)
  • Currently being certified in Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT by Marisa Peer)
  • Certified Agile HR Manager (2019)
  • Certified Yoga & Yoga Therapy Teacher (RYT 500), Breath & Flexibility Coach (2015; 2018; 2020; 2021)
  • Certified Reiss Profile Master (2016)
  • Certified Coach & Trainer, Mediator – Freie University Berlin, EHV & INA Berlin (2013) – DVCT Standards
  • Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management – University of Applied Sciences (2012)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences – Humboldt University Berlin (2009)

Fields of Work

Executive & Life Coaching

  • Individual: personal growth & transformation, business coaching, mindfulness & wellbeing, leadership, management, (work) life balance, brain & mental health etc.
  • Team: team communication & building, mediation, leadership offsites, personal & business retreats
  • Design, implementation and execution of Learning & development initiatives (communication, feedback & conflict management, leadership, mindfulness, employee engagement & retention, HR Management, Transformation & change management, New Work, performance Management, Culture & Diversity etc.


Change management:

  • Scaling; cultural transformation; reorganizations, redesign of mission/vision/values, facilitation of Leadership Offsites etc.

HR Consulting:

  • Design and deployment of career development & progression plans
  • Implementation of Remote & Hybrid Work processes and policies
  • Implementation of Performance Culture and Processes (OKRs, Peer & 360 Feedback, KPIs, Calibration Meetings)
  • Salary Benchmarks & Scaling
  • Culture, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Succession Planning & Talent Management
  • Employee wellbeing, engagement & retention
  • General Organizational Development


Yoga sessions & retreats for businesses:

  • Organizing and running yoga retreats incl. yoga & (guided) meditation sessions, breath work, theme specific workshops and group coaching