Markus Lang

Markus Lang

CCG Consultant

Management Coach & Consultant, Group Facilitator, University Lecturer

About Markus


What leads me in my personal and professional life is to serve LIFE itself through the development of my consciousness and the consciousness of other people.
As a management coach & consultant this means for me to facilitate processes that are leading to a deeper consciousness in people, in teams, projects and organizations. This supports them to cultivate an awareness which brings their spirit and energy to unfold, and furthermore, serves them to fulfill their deeper purpose.

Besides more than 20 years of professional experience as a management coach & consultant, sources of inspiration for myself and my work are many years of practice as a Zen meditator, as well as my intense involvement with art as an art creator and art lover.

From my point of view, being well grounded in a spiritual practice like Zen meditation can be very beneficial for developing certain abilities which allow appropriate intervening as management coach & consultant. A profound meditation practice can open up space for focused concentration, deep listening, for sensitivity and intuition. Most of all, it can develop an awareness for interconnectedness in teams and organizations and furthermore in all of LIFE itself.

I live and work as a management coach & consultant in Vienna and attended Klagenfurt University for my studies in Organization Development. Currently, I am one of the managing directors at “Vienna Academy for Organization Development”.
Besides that, I enjoy the many forms of art and culture which are taking place in Vienna, from the Vienna Opera House to the Vienna Concert House, as well as the many art museums and art exhibitions. 

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Education & Experiences

Professional experience 

Over 20 years experience as Management Coach & Consultant

  • Managing Associate at Vienna Academy for Organization Development – current
  • Management Consultant at Conscious Consulting Group – current
  • Academic Lecturer at ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Science in the course of studies CAS Inventing Organizations – current


  • Master of Science (MSc) in Organization Development – University Klagenfurt
  • Master of Science (MSc) in Coaching – European Systemic Business Academy (ESBA)
  • Certified Professional Coach – European Systemic Business Academy (ESBA)
  • Certified Professional Facilitator – International Association of Facilitators (lAF)
  • Certified Systemic Team & Organization Constellator – SySt-Institute Munich
  • Certified CTT (Cultural Transformation Tools) Practitioner – Barrett Values Center

Fields Of Work

  • Management Coaching
    • Executive Coaching
    • Team and Project Coaching
    • Personal Development Coaching
  • Management Consulting & Training
    • Culture Change and New World of Work
    • Purpose-oriented Leadership
    • Self-management and Self-development for Leaders
  • Group Facilitation
    • Facilitation of Management Workshops
    • Facilitation of Team and Project Workshops
    • Facilitation of Thinking Circles and Workshops about various Organization- and Self-Development topics
  • Organization Development
    • Cultural transformation
    • Potential development in teams and organizations
    • Systemic Team and Organization Constellations
  • Work Languages: German & English