IMPACT NETWORKS – A Powerful Approach To Complex Problems

Welcome to the Conscious Consulting Podcast. My name is Julia Culen and this episode explores the power of Impact networks. My Guest today is Yingzhao Liu: when I meet Ying the first time in 2016 she was a Director for User Experience Design at LinkedIn and lived in a Buddhist Community. Her Keynote on „Integration“ she gave at a huge San Francisco conference impressed me deeply and since that times we are friends. 

Today Ying lives in Seattle she is a Leadership Lecturer at Stanford University, artist, mother, Designer and Strategist at Converge and Advisor at CCG. 

One of her key work focus is to consult impact networks: Ying is convinced, networks are the future of work and organizations. 


In this podcast we are exploring deeper in questions such as:

  • What is an impact network
  • And how to cultivate a network mindset
  • What are key success factors to grow and sustain impact networks?
  • what we can learn from nature
  • could networks replace hierarchies for good? 

To make it easier for you we created chapters, you can find the structure in the shownotes and go directly to a topic that interests you most. Or simply listen to the whole thing it is worthwhile. Enjoy!

1:30 – What is an impact network?

  • Structure
  • Leadership
  • Governance 

9:00’:  What is the difference between and impact networks and other types of networks? 

  • Purpose of Networks
  • Collaboration 
  • Emergence 
  • Examples of Impact Networks
  • Systemic Change
  • Relationship
  • Complexity

18’ – Network Mindset

  • Personal Purpose – why are we here? 
  • Distribution of power
  • Living Systems Worldviews
  • Mental Model of Complexes
  • Millenials and younger generations
  • Networks and emerging technologies like blockchain, DAOs.. 

23’ traditional organizations vs network 

  • relationship vs. task orientation
  • trust
  • consent based decision making model 

29’ Diversity & Inclusion 

  • Human and Group Dynamics 
  • Tools how make different perspectives visible 
  • Dealing with human emotions.. 

33’ Key Challenges and key success factors to keep it going

  • Commitment, Frustration 
  • Relationship & Friendship
  • People & Purpose 
  • Intentional weaving of relationships

38’ Yings personal journey

  • Experiences in her personal and professional life that draws her towards networks
  • Showing up as a whole and full person
  • Creating cultures of connection and trust 
  • making the intangible tangible 
  • people demanding meaningful worksplaces
  • The network way of working 

46’ : Taking inspiration from nature

  • our brain is a network and the forests are networks very
  • intelligent networks
  • recognizing nature’s organization
  • nested hierarchies 

To Connect with Ying: 



Another CCG Podcast with Ying: How to integrate wisdom with business and life

To learn more about impact networks: 


https://www.converge.net/trainings–Ying will co-lead the Network Essentials workshop on April 8, 2022

https://www.converge.net/trainings#toolkit–free resources for your work

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