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We help Leaders, Founders and Consultants to master today’s key challenges in the field of Leadership, Organization Development & Business Development.  We have developed our own practical and empowering frameworks and tools, integrating wisdom, business & science. 

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All our offerings are taylor-made to meet your challenges, context and possibilities.

 Together, we strive to build strong relationships with our clients and create unique experiences that will help them unlock their inner strength and achieve their goals.


We help Leaders to unleash their own potential, wisdom and effectiveness through developing a new mindset and a holistic approach towards themselves and others.


Executive one-on-one Coaching, Personal Mastery for Leaders
Top Leadership Team Coaching
Leadership Online Programs (e.g. Daoist Leadership)
Leadership Retreats & Leadership Development Programs
Intergenerational & Young Leadership
Conscious Leadership Certification


Conscious Organizations create a beneficial and empowering working culture and respond to the needs of a decentralized, digital, diverse and networked world of work.


Organizational Development
New Organizational Models & Networks
Culture, Diversity, Equality & Inclusion
Corporate Wellbeing
Team Journeys
Conscious Organization Certification


Conscious Businesses are driven by a purpose, that benefits multiple stakeholders: the employees, owners, community and the environment.


Purpose, Vision & Strategy Workshops / Programs
ESG, SDG, Strategy
Consulting for Civil Societies, NGO, Movements
Regenerative Business Models
Wellbeing Economy
Conscious Business Certification


We have specific offerings for the global community of conscious consultants: we provide them with frameworks, training, community and Mentorship to empower and promote a new way of consulting.


CCG Masterclasses / Conscious Consulting Community
Masterclasses for In-house Consulting
Project Supervision
Trainings & Retreats
Research & Publications
Conscious Consulting Certification

Send Your Team on a Tranformational Journey with CCG

The CCG Consulting Team created a Team Journey – based on the IDG – Inner Development Goals

In this Team Journey we enable connection, trust and efficiency on a deeper level than you would normally see in Team Events. 

This Team Journey sets the base for a high-performance team on the grounds of shared understanding, inclusion, appreciation and a shared purpose. 

Get in touch for the Team Journey booklet, more information  and a free 30′ trial session!




What is Conscious Consulting?

Crossing Boundaries

We are integrating contemporary science, technology & business principles with the values & spirit of ancient wisdom traditions to unlock innovation, impact and conscious business transformation in a fast-changing, inter-connected, “co-opetitive” world 

Complex problems ask for a broader and deeper wisdom within a diversity of disciplines. By integrating Wisdom, Science and Business we open up new levels of personal, professional and organizational effectiveness. 

Wisdom Traditions
Contemporary Science
Business & Leadership

No Problem Can be solved from the same Level Of consciousness that created it.

albert Einstein
Leadership Mastery & Organizational Excellence

Deeper & Wider

We operate from the simple but powerful insight that the world we create as leaders and entrepreneurs is a reflection of our inner beliefs, our state of mind, world-views and level of consciousness.

Deepening Awareness
Creating New Possibilities
Making A Difference

Step 1: Deepening Awareness

This step is designed to explore the nature of the problem, the range of questions and the type of goals for the project. Together we will look beyond the first layer of questions and problems and go a few steps deeper to fully understand the problem, the challenge, the intention, goals and impact. 

Step 2:
Creating New Possibilities

Now we move on with a process of Imagination, Creation and Design: all new possibilities arising out of the insights, learnings and clarity of phase one. We will work on YOUR Questions. As a result you will have a clear picture and solutions for questions raised in phase 1.

Step 3: Making
A Difference

Step 3 is the powerful, effective and sustainable Manifestation and Implementation. Be it new Structures, a different Behaviour and Culture, new meeting formats, different ways to communicate, new products or simply another attitude towards each other. You will see the seeds popping up, experience quick-wins and get a sens of how the world could look and feel differently for you while acchievieng new and tangible results.

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