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Because business is made of non-business ingredients

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What is conscious consulting?

Welcome to Conscious Consulting, a one-of-a-kind consulting approach that blends ancient wisdom traditions with modern business and leadership practices. Our team is dedicated to developing and teaching an exceptional consulting philosophy that challenges old perspectives, encouraging new ways of thinking. Unlike other consulting approaches, we believe progress cannot be made relying on outdated thinking and approaches. Instead, we value innovation, forward-thinking, and relevance to the fast-paced world of today’s global businesses. Your business benefits from an insightful, intuitive approach that expands beyond traditional consulting boundaries.

We are excited to work with you and help you achieve your goals!

crossing boundaries - integrating differences

infused by wisdom

We blend ancient wisdom with modern science, tech, and business to solve complex problems and improve personal and organizational effectiveness.

Wisdom Traditions
Contemporary Science
Business & Leadership

Transformation from the Insight - out

We operate from the simple but powerful insight that the world we create as leaders and entrepreneurs is a reflection of our inner beliefs, our state of mind, our world-views. Our level of consciousness.

True transformation is strictly an insight-out process. It can never be imposed, “be coached or consulted into” or based on a simply intellectual knowing. If this was the case, we should have better results, as there is no scarcity in frameworks, books and information. 

What we  create is a truly transformational space that allows for insight, emergence, creativity and new possibilities. 

step 1

Deepening Awareness

Designed to explore the nature of a problem, its range of questions, and the type of goals for the project. Together we will look beyond the surface-level questions and problems and delve deeper to fully understand the problem, the challenge, the intention, goals, and impact.

step 2

Creating New Possibilities

Welcome to the process of imagination, creation, and design. All new possibilities are arising from the insights, learnings, and clarity of Phase One. Together with you we will work on your questions, and as a result, you will have a much clearer picture and solutions for the questions raised in Step One.”

step 3

Making A difference

Step 3 is about powerful, effective, and sustainable manifestation and implementation. Whether it is new structures, different behaviors and cultures, new meeting formats, different ways to communicate, new products, or simply another attitude toward each other. Achieving new and tangible results and positive outcomes for people and the planet.

worldviews - increasing impact

Essential Values of Conscious Consultants


We love our clients, work, and life - our heart, intellect, and knowledge create compassionate, empathetic, and skilled results. Connection is at the core of love


We give our full attention to every client interaction, focusing on their needs without distraction.


We live up to our own values and to our commitments. In every Moment we create win-win-win
situations including all stakeholders.


Simplicity often it the best answer in dealing with an overly complex and overwhelming reality. Therefore it asks for clarity, preciseness and intention.

transforming WISDOM into impact

We are at your side

With our passion and dedication, we inspire our clients to push through every challenge that comes their way. We understand that growth comes from struggle, and we are here to offer support every step of the way. We empower organizations to realize their full potential through our expertise and unwavering determination. Our approach fosters an environment where creativity thrives, and new ideas are born. We believe in providing expert advice and knowledge that promotes learning and development at every turn. We encourage our clients to trust in their authentic insights and prioritize their needs over external solutions. Our goal is to help organizations attain long-term success, leaving behind a trail of success and paving the way for the next generation of leaders.

Conscious Business, Leadership and Consulting is where we put our values into practice

We support conscious leaders, entrepreneurs, and founders, as well as leadership teams, in gaining the courage, commitment, and intention to follow that path no matter where they start. For us, a conscious business starts with an insight and the commitment to move in the direction of sustainability and regenerability. To do the work and take the first steps ahead. Business is the best way to test, develop and practice our spirituality and values.


Conscious Businesses have a purpose expressed by conscious leaders, cultures, and models that include stakeholders. The intention is to contribute to the well-being of people and the planet while creating sustainable returns.


Conscious Leadership is a continuous practice based on a clear purpose and strong intentions. It's like a never-ending mountain climb where there's no final destination, but it's important to keep moving and practicing every day. Going back and getting lost is part of the journey. It's better to work together if you want to succeed.

We are not living an era of change but a change of era

Pope Francis

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