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Where business meets wisdom

“No problem can be solved from the same level of Consciousness that created it” Albert Einstein

CCG – Conscious Consulting Group® is a new kind of consulting firm responding to the changing business needs of an emerging world. Our Consulting philosophy is based on the insight that we need to look deeper, wider and differently in order to solve problems and co-create a promising future.


We create empowering offerings for you as a leader, expert, entrepreneur and consultant to master your daily challenges from a different level with wisdom and clarity – enriched by non-business fields such as philosophy, science and ancient wisdom.

Our offerings are following our 3-step Conscious Consulting philosophy:

1. Deepening Awareness – by looking deeper and wider

2. Creating new possibilities – out of a new worldview

3. Making a positive difference – based on wisdom

  • We provide consulting services in fields dedicated to development, turnaround, transformation and elevation such as:


    Culture Transformation, Corporate Development, Leadership Development, Change Management, Organizational Design, Start-up & Growth, Corporate Wellbeing, Executive Coaching and Team Development.


    All offerings are taylor made and designed to go deeper and wider beyond the possibilities of the past. Please contact us directly:


  • “If you want to go fast, walk alone. If you want to go far, go together”

    New, emerging movements need a safe space to grow and develop – and they need mutual support and encouragement.


    We explore topics that are essential and urgent to us, not necessarily yet part of the current mainstream business and consultant world.



    Conscious Consultants, Leaders and Experts meet in our community on LinkedIn, our regular meet-ups like the Conscious Conversations and our open programs. Please get in touch with us directly at

  • We create a blend of free Meet-ups and Workshops as well and more intense Programs in the field of Conscious Leadership and Conscious Consulting


    Pre-register for our Conscious Consulting Academy, a 6-month program designed to enroll you in the power of being and acting as a Conscious Consultant.


The Daoist Leader – how Leaders can increase effectiveness by doing less and allowing more

 Daoism and Leadership are not an obvious match. Daoism teaches us the attuitude of non-doing, not-knowing, selflessness, humbleness, spontaneity and…

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Your team of Senior Advisors is accomplished and rooted in diverse backgrounds such as Quantum Physics, Buddhism, Medicine, Consulting, Business, Economics, Management, Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Feldenkrais, Taoism, Holism and Ecology. Complex problems ask for a broader and deeper wisdom within a diversity of disciplines.

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