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The Conscious Consulting Group is a global thought leader and consulting platform dedicated to integrate ancient wisdom and contemporary science with business, leadership and economy.  

We strongly believe that every transformation starts with the development of a new mindset and fresh perspectives – addressing the most critical questions and creating new possibilities and powerful solutions for businesses, organizations and institutions.  

Together with the global CCG Advisory Board and Consulting Team we constantly further develop our consulting approach to create lasting and positive impact with wisdom and passion.

In addition we are create and publish new insights, teachings and frameworks through our CCG Masterclass, Podcast, Blog and Video content. 

We are looking forward to think, talk and work with you!

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9 consulting hacks 

In this short video we share a few mindset hacks that help you to create more impact as a consultant for yourself and others.. enjoy the laid-back music! 

Conscious Leadership 

In our June edition of the CCG Open House we explored the field of Conscious Leadership:

We engaged in lively and energetic discussion and agreed that Leading with intention and awareness are the most important principles. We put together a short presentation with the CCG input slides for your inspiration. You can download the presentation here

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So it’s a definite YES that empowerment is key to succesfully manage an organization as long as everyone is treated as a valuable member of the company.

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Why are we again in a situation where a meaningful concept is lost to a hype and ripped off its meaning?

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We need stability in agility and agility in stability. But the unquestioned bias towards change, innovation and transformation has lead to an imbalance of stable and flexible elements.

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Daoist Leadership

Learn about Daoist Leadership and how to make wise decisions with world-renowed Daoist Teacher Shantena Augusto Sabbadini and Executive Consultant Christian Mayhofer.

Exploring Liminal Spaces

Learn about the transformative potential of Liminal Spaces with Stanford Lecturer Yingzhao Liu and Executive Consultant Christian Mayhofer

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