Welcome to the Conscious Consulting Podcast. Today’s topic is the exploration of radical new business models that are based on spiritual principles. 

Our guest  is Prof Laszlo Zsolnai, Director of the Business Ethics Center at the Corvinus University of Budapest, President of the European SPES Institute (Spirituality in Economics and Society) and Associate Member at Blackfriars Hall, University of Oxford

Prof Zsolnai has been questioning the predominant materialistic paradigm of economics for more

than 40 years now and developed an alternative view and approach based on spiritual and holistic principles. 

Julia Culen, co-founder of CCG Conscious Consulting Group explores with him questions like: 

– Why do we need radical new business models? 

– How are they different from traditional business models? What is the underlying worldview and set of guiding principles and values?

– What is the positive impact? Is it possible to do good (for the world) and well (financially) at the same time?

– What are examples of companies/organizations researched and what is the communality between all of them?

– What are the preconditions for creating a radical new business model in terms of leadership, education, economy?

If you want to learn more about Prof Zsolnai and his work, please visit the following links:




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