Julia Wüster

Julia Wüster

CCG Consultant

HR Professional, Facilitator, Coach, Systemic Consultant

Aachen, Germany 

About Julia


Most of my professional life I have been working in different HR roles – mostly in multinational companies and different countries. What is catching my interest in these roles is the development of individuals, teams, and the organization as a whole and the changes over time that happen all the time and influence all parts of an organization. I strongly believe it is important to combine both personal development and system development in an integral way. This is what I so far do not see all the time happening or it is separated from each other. 

In addition, one key ingredient I believe is leadership development that focuses on the “inside”. To have an integral view on organization and individuals that is the key for “future” leaders. Though it would be very interesting to start a discussion on leadership in general here – as I by no means mean only formal leadership roles here but would refer to all employees working in an organization who can take up leadership within their own area of responsibility.

I am originally from Aachen, Germany, and studied International Business in the Netherlands. I have also worked for several years in the Netherlands. I always liked the Dutch way of working and the openness in which I could quickly connect to people and the business and establish relationships.

I am currently working within an organization as HR Manager. I enjoy reading, learning, and walking and always being on the edge of my own professional development. I am a certified coach and systemic consultant; living with my family and two kids in Aachen, Germany, close to the Netherlands and Belgium’s to which we like to make excursion during the weekend.    

Julia's competencies

Education & Experiences


  • HR Professional in multinational organizations – current
  • Consultant at Conscious Consulting Group – current
  • Facilitator and Trainer e.g., leadership development, paradoxes within organizations, new organizing


  • Certified Coach
  • MSc in International Business (Maastricht University, NL)
  • Systemic Consultant (Simon Weber, DE)
  • The Art of Participatory Leadership / Facilitator
  • Participated in the book project “New Organizing” (www.carl-auer.de/new-organizing)

Fields of Work

Organizational and Large-Scale Change including “New Organizing” 

  • Supporting paradigm shifts in organizations, whereby combining both organizational development, leadership development and personal development
    • Organizational Transformation
    • System Change
    • New Organizing
    • Sustainability

Leadership & Team Development

  • Working both “in the system and on the system” together with the leaders of an organization as well as with young leaders who are ready to step into next challenges 
    • Consciousness building and self-awareness 
    • Raising awareness about the influencing parameters and paradoxes
    • Young Leadership Development 
    • Working with management teams on their business topics that impact the organization as a whole

Coaching and Consulting

  • New Leadership roles as well as personal topics that influence work
    • Individual Coaching after job changes or when decision points appear in life