Samantha Tady

Samantha Tady

CCG Consultant

Intergenerational Communication & Understanding, High Potential Development, Keynote Speaker

Vienna & Millstatt / Austria 

About Samantha


Over the years I have learnt that in order to grow, one needs to be open for change. That is also what my professional and personal trajectory is about – namely the constant ability to adapt to any given circumstance.

I was 23 when I founded my first company – the Selectra Österreich GmbH. Within three years my staff grew to 20 employees with staff spread among 4 various countries. Diversity and Inclusion was a given for us – not a #.

At 26, I sold my company and instead chose a different path. I became the hotel manager of the infamous Villa Verdin at the lakeside in Carinthia, Austria. On top of managing the whole ecosystem of the hotel,  I dedicated myself to developing my High Potentials by creating our very own In-House Youth Leadership Program. In spite of Corona, recruiting was effortless and easy for us.

But being a High Performer has its pitfalls. At 30, I experienced my second burnout – a setback that turned into an opportunity. I understood that entrepreneurship can only succeed sustainably if one strives for balance.

After that I explored mindful practices and embarked on the journey to become a psychotherapist. That is when I really understood the importance of consciousness in all aspects of life. In addition to studying to become a psychotherapist I also learn the method of neurosystemic integration to provide trauma-sensitive coaching.

My mission: To empower young talents to tap into their full potential and unfold all their creative and innovative abilities.

By combining my learnings from my various trainings with 7 years of experience as an Entrepreneur, Leader, Youth Entrepreneurship Trainer and Mentor I support you and your company to attract and retain your high potentials. The key you may ask? Providing an environment that allows your young talent to experience conscious (self-)leadership in order to become resilient leaders of the New Work Era.

Now is the time to envision change.

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Work Experiences

Trainer @ Youth Entrepreneurship Weeks, initiative by IFTE, Austrian Startups and the Austrian Ministry of Education.

I train 20 – 45 students and apprentices between the age 15 and 20 during a 4 day workshop on entrepreneurial thinking, guiding them through 4 stages of creativity: identifying a problem, developing a solution, entrepreneurial design, pitch training. (1 year)

Founder of NGO – Encouraging Leadership in Youth – ELY Non-profit association,

I developed and conducted aLeadership Program for Youth between the age 15-20 experiencing their first working experience in F&B (3 years)

Podcast Creator & Host of THE ELY PODCAST

I produced this podcast in order to help our Youth explore the concepts of self-leadership, purpose, personal development, vision, team work, intergenerational communication, mental health (2 years)

Hotel Manager of the Villa Verdin

In charge of 20 staff members I dedicated myself to making the Villa Verdin a first class hotel destination by providing unique service and focusing on the professional development of my youngest employees (4 years)

CEO of Selectra Österreich GmbH 

I founded and built the Selectra Österreich GmbH as a daughter Company of the french energy comparison start-up Selectra SARL and was primarily in charge of B2B, Business Development, SEO and Sales Activities together with 15 staff members spread over 4 countries (3 years)



  • Master in International Relations at the Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA) of the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po) with Major: International Public Management and Thesis: “Understanding the socio-cultural factors contributing to the extensive outward migration of doctors and nurses in the Philippines

  • Trilingual Curriculum (French, German English) pluridisciplinary Studies in Politics and Social Studies

  • Traumasensiible Neurosystemic Integration Coach (Certification exp. June 2023

  • Psychotherapeutic Propädeutikum (Certification exp. April 2023)

  • Diplôme du Collège Universitaire  Franco-Allemand de Sciences Po (Bachelor

Fields of Work
Work Languages: German, French, Englisch (Trilingual)

Intergenerational Consulting & Coaching

  • Intergenerational Understanding
  • Intergenerational Communication

Early Stage Business Development Consulting & Coaching

  • Entrepreneurial Design Workshops
  • Creative Workshops

Youth & High Potential Consulting & Coaching

  • Personal development Workshops
  • Self-leadership Workshops
  •  High Potential Leadership Workshops

Resilience Coaching

  • Stress & Burnout Prevention
  • Animal Assisted Resilience Coaching