Which learnings from 2020 help us master 2021?

2020 was a year full of challenges and new situations for all of us. No matter whether we liked it or not: we all had to learn new skills and capabilities to navigate a situation we neither chose nor liked. Being forced to stay at home, keep a social distance from the people we love and live with a constant sublime fear of getting infected or infecting others – all while maybe seeing our business/job/career going down the drain – is everything but pleasant.

Pushed out of the comfort zone

For some people, the stress came from too much, for others from not enough work. In one way or the other we are all affected on many different layers: economically, mentally, physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. We were and still are being pushed out of our comfort zone into the learning and sometimes panic zone and now is time to harvest our insights and learnings.

Exploring possibility within the question

The question: “what have you learned in 2020 that helps you master 2021” makes room for the possibility, that you actually HAVE learned a lot of skills. By simply dwelling in this question space the answers flock in by themselves into our conscious awareness from the the “don’t know what we know” space to the” know what we know” space. All of a sudden our learnings become accessible to us as a resource and open us up to new possibilities.

Surprise yourself

We used this question with clients and within our team and we always had the same experience: we surprised ourselves by the richness, depth and variety of insights and learnings and by sharing our own learnings, others benefited too.

It is as simple as that:

  1. Make yourself comfortable, prepare yourself a nice cup of tea, light a candle. You can slightly touch your heart area. Take deep and calm breaths.
  2. Close your eyes and ask yourself the question “what have I learned in 2020 that helps me master 2021?”
  3. Just wait what emerges by itself, maybe take a note.


You can either do this practice by yourself or with others.

What we, the CCG Team have learned..

For inspiration, we are happy to share some of the answers and learnings that showed up for us, during one of our CCG Team sessions:

  • “I learned to ask for help”
  • “I made the experience, that I can feel connected even tough I cannot be around other people.”
  • “I learned to take nothing for granted to be grateful for everything”
  • “I learned to be kinder to myself”
  • “I learned to ask less of life and reduce my expectations, to be happy and content with small things life offers me on a daily basis”
  • “I learned that my life has not changed a lot on a small scale while there is tremendous change happening.. “
  • “Isolation is an opportunity for meditation”
  • “I learned being present, being in presence, taking life from moment to moment and honoring them”
  • “I learned to walk slower and see more”
  • “Humbling, that I know so little about the actual dynamics of life.. humbleness in the face of complexity, the unforeseen and the surprising.”
  • “I unlearned everything I learned”
  • “A lot of sophisticated things, that seemed so important, are suddenly meaningless – life is actually very simple”
  • “Maybe this IS IT. Being present. Nothing more.”
  • “My FOMO – fear of missing out – faded away during the lock-down and suddenly I was so in peace with staying at home, this is quite wonderful”
  • “I experienced a shift in Focus: a lot of good things happen”
  • “Last year I got more humble and more open.. being aware & open without judging everything”
  • “I learned that the deeper dimension is not found in the life circumstances”
  • “I could practice my own integration: to go fully into what is, no matter what it is. This isolation was really rich, a greater monastic experience, than living in the Zen Center”
  • “Embracing what is – this is really really liberating”
  • “I learned that I don’t need so much.. and that it is easier than I thought – and how little plans and expectations I need to feel fulfilled”
  • “I learned to focus on the presence and on what I CAN control”
  • “.. I stepped from head to heart”
  • “Life doesn’t need to be exciting, just being is enough, having a regular life is enough”
  • “I learned to let go of my need of safety and embrace the unknown and deal with emergent processes.. “
  • “If you know the why you find the how”
  • “I expanded my capacity to act and dance with the gorilla, as I cannot move away from it”
  • “Appreciation, joyful engagement, to look for the positive, have an positive expectation for the future, self confidence”
  • “I exchanged culture with nature and found the empowering and healing quality of walking in the woods.. “
  • “I learned to truly collaborate with others.. that we need each other and that we can only go through this together”

If someone would be reading just the learnings, without context, one would probably ask: what on earth happened, that evoked such deep insights and learnings? It could look like a moment of collective waking-up to a deeper dimension of life – that there is so much more than life circumstances.

What are your answers? Enjoy the process and please feel free to share your explorations with us.

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