Fred Kofman in Conversation with Julia Culen: Leading and Consulting with Purpose, Compassion and Clarity

Today we have a very special conversation for you. Founder of the CCG and Senior Advisor Julia Culen is in Conversation Fred Kofman. 

Fred Kofman is an executive coach and advisor on leadership and culture. PhD. in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley. He is the founder and president of the Conscious Business Center and the Center for Conscious Leadership. He was Vice President of executive development at LinkedIn and Vice President at Google in charge of advising the CEO’s office on leadership and culture. Fred is the author of the trilogy Metamanagement (2001), Conscious Business (2006), and The Meaning Revolution (2018) and was called „one of the best coaches in the world“ by LinkedIn founder Jeff Weiner. People like Sheryl Sandberg call him one of the people that „changed her life“.

In this conversation, Julia and Fred are talking about:

  • Conscious Leading and Consulting
  • How the business world has transformed since writing Conscious Business in 2006
  • How you can help people find their true nature
  • Why compassion is the key to happiness
  • How to lead with purpose and clarity


So sit back, relax and enjoy a wonderful new episode on the Conscious Consulting Podcast.

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