Future of Work and the Relationship Between Generations by CCG Advisors

Welcome to the Conscious Consulting Podcast, we are so glad you are here with us today!  In this episode the CCG Team explores the question how the relationship between generations will shape the future of work. What separates and unites generations? How to overcome the gaps and transform tensions into innovation? And what teachings from wisdom traditions could help us to co-create a productive collaboration? 

In the next 30 minutes we take you on a deep and wide journey, so sit back, relax and enjoy

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Welcome to the Conscious Consulting podcast, bringing together wisdom, leadership and consulting. My name is Christian Mayhofer, co-founder of Conscious Consulting Group and in this podcast

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In this podcast episode we look into the deeper dimension of „beauty“ and explore, why true beauty is an expression of intuition and intention and why beauty can even save the world. Our guest today is Aamina Simone

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