Learnings from 2021 that help us master 2022

It was a wonderful reconnection: We as CCG invited our community to meet for 1,5 hrs to create a shared space of connection, exchange and mutual support. 

After a short introduction and meditation we parted into smaller group to explore the following question: What did we learn in 2021 that will help us to master 2022?  Becoming aware of our new skills and also sharing them with a like-minded people is a beautiful practice we did among CCG Advisors last year and decided to open up to a broader community this year. 

One observation that fills us with joy, gratefulness and wonder is the level of trust, openness and intimacy that could be created in the face of an online event with a group of people that have either never met or mostly met online. It didn’t matter. Some participants said it was “as if we had known each other for a long time”. And in fact, we saw a lot of faces that have been coming back to our open events and over time this creates also a sense of knowing and belonging. One feedback was “this is a strong field you created here” and probably this is what it is – a field that arises beyond Zoom.

The motivation for this questions is quite obvious: we are all living through a pandemic exposing us to new challenges, unknown situations and and unforseeable future. Most of us grew up in relative stability that seems to be gone. If we like it or not, whether we are aware of it or not: we all are forced and invited to learn and build new skills, be it on a personal, professional, relational, internal, external, spiritual, physical or mental level. 

What did we learn?

While this blog post is not designed to summarize everything that was being said, it has the intention to encourage and invite you to create the same space for yourself and even better with people around you. Maybe with your team at work? Maybe with your family and friends? Whatever feels best for you.

Here are some of the key insights people shared (summarized):

  • Chaos provides the potential for new possibilities and courageous decisions
  • Lockdown: we are used to be busy all the time. Suddenly we are forced to stay at home and what did some people do? Start to cook, learn piano and sitting in silence
  • Shared silence builds trust and a deep level of intimacy. 
  • We learned to trust and to trust in ourselves. With trust comes courage and with courage innovation arises
  • We cultivated a new culture of coming together, talk to each other and listen to each other. We learned how precious we are for each other.
  • We learned that everything we thought was solid, reliable and maybe taken for granted is a sand castle. The next wave can sweep it away and it dissolves. We learned to be with the uncertain and the unknown.
  • We learned to create a balance between doing and being.
  • We learned to join the dots and wait for the full picture to emerge.
  • We learned to use our time more meaningful
  • We learned to be OK with whatever is and release our resistance against life unfolding.
  • We learned to live in the present moment, where time disappears and with it our problems, that live mostly in the past and the worrying about the future.
  • And we learned to embrace digital tools (especially the more senior among us) and to facilitate online events 🙂

This is by far not the full list, but should serve as inspiration for your own end-of-the year reflection.

One more quote we would like to share with you, as we feel it is really empowering and helpful for mastering the unknown and insecurity: 

Worrying doesn't solve tomorrow's problems. But it takes away today's peace

We wish you a wonderful and peaceful holiday season and a powerful and successful new year