Welcome to the Conscious Consulting podcast, bringing together wisdom, leadership and consulting. My name is Julia Culen, co-founder of Conscious Consulting Group and in this podcast episode we look into the deeper dimension of „beauty“ and explore, why true beauty is an expression of intuition and intention and why beauty can even save the world.  Our guest today is Aamina Simone 

Born in Bangalore, India, Aamina had the privilege of living in Lagos, London and Singapore through her formative years, this early exposure to diverse cultures contributed to an eclectic and holistic outlook that informs her (life, work, and art) every day.

Her deep-rooted interest in art and expressionism, eventually manifested in the fashion world; with stints at Prada in London, Saint Laurent in Hong Kong, and roles in Paris with retail and merchandising positions, 

Aamina presently lives in new Delhi, India and is brand manager at Paro Botanica, and a consultant at CCG.

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