Birgit Beck

Birgit beck

CCG Consultant

Business Consultant, Leadership Coach, HR Professional, Facilitator, Trainer 

Vienna, Austria

About birgit


Working with and for people and help them grow beyond – both on an individual and team level –is my big passion. With more than 25 years experience in various People & Culture roles in multinational organizations, I developed a strong foundation in the areas of leadership, change management, organizational development and talent management.

Over time I have come to discover that real change happens when people become aware of their inner self, their convictions and beliefs. This is why I focus a lot on self awareness and interior condition in my work with others. Through my mindfulness educations, I had a big personal development journey in this area, and it strongly influenced my personal way of working with others and my leadership style.

I am originally from a small town close to Salzburg, Austria, and studied International Business in Austria and USA. I worked all my career in international companies with intensive business travel and a commuting assignment to Romania for several years. Working across borders and with people from various cultures has taught me respect and openness for diverse people and backgrounds.

I have left the corporate leadership career in the beginning of 2023 and am now working as an independent consultant and coach. I am focusing on the development of people, teams and organizations, as well as accompanying transitions and change.

Birgit's competencies

Education & Experiences


  • Business Coach 
  • Leadership Coach 
  • Consultant at Conscious Consulting Group 
  • More than 25 years professional experience in various leadership roles within Human Resources for large multinational corporations
  • Facilitator and Trainer
  • Master in International Business at University of Innsbruck and Northern Illinois University, USA
  • Certified Systemic Coach 
  • Certified Consultant for Mindfulness in Organisations
  • Lewis Deep Democracy – Accredited Facilitator (ongoing)
  • Conscious Consulting Masterclass 

Fields of Work

Organizational Development  

  • Change Management
  • Culture Diagnostic and Interventions
  • Team Journey


  • Executive business coaching
  • Leaders in transition
  • First time leaders

Leadership Development 

  • Leadership Frameworks and Competencies
  • Program design and implementation
  • Individualized offerings