Welcome to the Conscious Consulting Podcast!

Today’s conscious conversation takes place between 3 CCG Consultants with over 40 years of People and Culture Experience combined and a passion for intergenerational communication and cooperation. 

The host today is Samantha Tady – Intergenerational Consultant at CCG and Youth Mentor and Youth Entrepreneurship Trainer. She is deeply convinced that empowering our youth is the key to a brighter future. She is joined by her equally passionate fellow CCG Masterclass Alumni’s Birgit Beck and Julia Wüster.

Birgit lives and works in Vienna and has over 25 years of experience in People and Culture leadership roles in large multinationals. She is now a Consultant and certified Coach and her passion are all topics around Personal and Organizational Development, Change Management, and Team Journeys. Julia lives and works in Aachen, Germany and has over 15 years of experience in Human Ressources in international corporations and is Systemic Coach and Consultant with a special interest in Leadership and Personal Development. She kindly agreed to share her expertise in today’s episode. 

In this conversation we delve into

  • the conceptions and misconceptions between generations and how they have become a huge challenge for organizations worldwide. 
  • Starting with unpacking prejudices towards understanding what it requires to build bridges between generations, we unravel the secrets to good communication
  • and explore the potential of what can happen when we reach out to each other and communicate instead of holding onto our prejudices. 

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