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10 delicious ingredients for Conscious Consulting

We, the CCG advisory Team explored the following question: What are important principles and qualities guiding our consulting and advisory work? How do we see our role and contribution in supporting leaders, experts and entrepreneurs? What are our key ingredients?…

2021-01-07. 09:39

Designing for Integration

It is a dis-integrated time. We feel the chaos and the tension, the incongruence, in our world, in our culture, in our selves. We’ve been on a path of dis-integration for a long time, with a mantra of progress, brushing…

2020-12-26. 17:44

When Things Break

With the killing of George Floyd, a lot of us have come to realize that the system is broken, much more broken than we’d previously thought. I was laying next to my toddler in bed, reading the news headlines about…

2020-12-23. 09:35

Meditation does not kill motivation – but it ends resignation

The instrumental benefits of Mindfulness Meditation are widely researched: stress reduction, increase of resilience and creativity, focus and clarity in thinking. This is the reason why many corporations recently are embracing meditation at the workplace. Now new evidence shows the…

2020-07-07. 16:22

Being human in a digital world

Digital transformation, solving problems with technology, exponential growth through technology, the integration of humans/machines, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and not to speak about genetics and all of that. Like it or not, there is no way out, technology has…

2020-07-07. 16:20

learning is the new changing

At university I learned the “unfreeze – change – freeze” model, which is ridiculous of course, no need to get further into that. Later, in my role as “Change Management Consultant” we were using the “Structural Tension” change model, where…

2020-07-07. 16:20
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