Christian Mayhofer

Christian Mayhofer

Founder, Managing Partner

Executive Coaching, Senior Advisory, Large Scale Change & Transformation, Strategy, Leadership & Purpose

Vienna – Granada

About Christian Mayhofer


Ever since growing up I felt inspired by the variety of life’s treasures. From Western as well as Eastern spiritual traditions to the innovations of science and economy. The more I learned the more I realized the inseparable consciousness of everything. Life handed me various roles: Being trained as a Psychotherapist and Social Worker I worked with drug addicts and people suffering from Aids. As an ordained Zen Buddhist Monk I spent formative years in monastic settings, experiencing the abundance of a simple life while engaging for a world that works for everyone.  
For the last 30 years, I served as Coach and Senior Advisor for Executives and as Business Consultant, from helping individuals dealing with challenges in daily life to leading global transformation projects and blending technology & science with the relevance of wisdom traditions. 
All experiences, realizations and conclusions life offered to me blended into what we now call the Conscious Consulting Group (CCG).
“Transforming Wisdom into Impact” became our guiding principle at CCG, where our intention is to function as lights in the dark, showing ways forward while serving one single purpose: To spark that magic moment, when everyone and everything in an organization falls into its natural place and the organization flows as one whole, healthy body fulfilling its unique purpose. 


Christian Mayhofer


  • Nisargadatta Maharaj,
  • Dogen, Alan Watts,
  • R.M. Rilke,
  • Rupert Spira,
  • Riane Eisler,
  • Werner Erhard
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