Stand your Ground - Workshop

Take a stand for yourself

Is it sometimes difficult to stay your grounds in face of adversity? To take a stand for what you believe in when nobody agrees? To make strong demands and take a stand for yourself? 

Then this Workshop if for you! 

In this workshop  you will gain confidence to 

  • Speak your truth
  • Express exactly your way of doing things
  • Show up fully with what you have to offer
  • Make strong requests
Workshop Details: 
  1.  1-day Workshop, May 12, 9:00-17:00  2023. 
  2. Vienna, CCG Garden Office
  3. German and/or English, depending on the participants
  4. € 590 plus tax if your company pays for you
  5. € 390 incl. tax if you pay yourself
Why I created this Workshop

because it is time for you to show up fully


Limited access: 8 Participants


It is not always easy to stand our own grounds – especially if we want to bring new thoughts, ideas and worldviews to the table. I know what it feels like to take a stand when nobody agrees, nobody applauds and on the contrary – people try to discourage and humiliate you. 

But in order to bring novelty to the world we need people who are courageous, bold and firm when advocating ideas, that are not (yet) mainstream.  

In this Workshop I will share key learnings, tools and observations and help you in whatever situation you are to find your own unique way to stand your grounds, especially in the face of adversity. Not only as a woman but also as someone going new ways. 


Workshop Overview

We will follow a 3 step approach, that guides you into cultivating your stability and fierceness. We will work in a mix of short inputs (tools & frameworks), constellation work, energy & breathing work, deep dialogues, time for personal reflexion, giving and getting immediate feedbacks from the group. 

session 1


The first session is about deepening awareness of the grounds you are standing on:  what are your competencies, values and intentions? What is your personal ground you come from when you meet “the world”?


session 2


In this session we work on your standing: how is / are you standing?

We will practice a firm, clear, centered and upright standing, that is flexible at the same time. 


session 3


Now you are ready to act firmly and in the face of adversity. You will create tools and new possibilities on consciously choosing on how to stand your grounds while

– speaking your truth, doing what you consider is right, showing up with what you have to offer and making strong and firm requests (e.g. financials)  

from now on you will take a stand for yourself

You will leave the workshop with

  • With a personal clarity and confidence about your grounds
  • Tools to find stick with your own upright standing and posture in whatever situation comes up. 
  • A practice to face situations and work through them rather than shying away.
  • New approaches how you get what you want without having to be aggressive or desperate. 
  • A toolbox of Do’s and Don’ts in going through tough conversations and negotiations. 
  • New ways of honoring your own intentions and increasing your impact as leader and consultant.
  • Never forget: your own clarity and fierceness is helpful also for others to navigate the relationship and collaboration with you. 

Who is this Workshop for?


You are working in the larger field of Consulting, Coaching, HR, Organization and People/Leadership Development.

Leaders & professionals

You assume a role including responsibilities for a social system: a team, an organization, a project. You feel your role involves supporting, coaching and consulting of others.   

All genders

While when designing this workshop I was thinking specifically of women –  this workshop is open to all genders. Everyone who thinks they want to move beyond and further, please join us 

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Meet Your Host

Julia Culen has 25 years of experience in Leadership, Consulting and Entrepreneurship. She led large-scale transformations, was the only female managing partner at the Beratergruppe Neuwaldegg and has founded two consulting companies rooted in ancient wisdom and contemporary business practices.

Julia studied International Business and is educated in Systems Thinking, Systemic Coaching, Mindfulness & Spiritual Practices and Biofield Tuning (Energy Work). 

Julia loves to support and encourage people, teams and organizations to follow their own unique path and fully express their purpose and intention in life and work. 

Clients & Colleagues about Julia


Gartenatelier,  Osterleitengasse 7, 1190 Vienna

What is included in the price

590 business fee
  • Workshop Participation
  • All learning materials and frameworks for use in your work
  • Access to an Alumni community with regular update offerings
  • Snacks, Lunch, Coffee/Tee

If you need to cancel

What is included in the price

390 private fee
  • Workshop Participation
  • All learning materials and frameworks for use in your work
  • Access to an Alumni community with regular update offerings
  • Snacks, Lunch, Coffee/Tee
  • Tax included

You can cancel with a 50% refund until April 12. After this you can either nominate another person or get a voucher of 100% of the program fee for another CCG program. 

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