Wendy Spinks

WEndy Spinks

CCG Consultant

Conscious Creative Marketing & Heart-based Leadership Consultant, Intuitive Flow Coach, and Creative Expression Facilitator

Cape Town, South Africa 

About Wendy


Wendy Spinks, is a creative intuitive born in Pretoria, South Africa, currently living in Cape Town with a devotion to human potential, self-realisation, and the expansion of consciousness. Wendy’s calling lies in her deep desire to be of service in the world, through impacting conscious communities, brands and organisations to anchor unity as a new way of being, acting as an embodied guide for living and leading from the heart. Most recently she was hired as a creative marketing director in the wellness, retreat and transformation space in the US.

Wendy is a polymath bringing fresh perspectives to any project or organisation she enters. She has a background in fine arts, fashion design, marketing & advertising, human behaviour, education & e-learning, film and animation, and is also a multi-award-winning creator, writer, director, and creative producer.

At 21, Wendy started her first fashion label then later moved to London and worked in top couture houses. While living in London, age 26, she had a freak accident and a near-death experience in which she broke her neck and wrists and temporarily lost her voice. This spiritual awakening caused Wendy to question everything, becoming a seeker and student in self-realization, ultimately seeking to express her own authentic voice and blueprint and help others do the same. On her return to South Africa Wendy changed direction and co-founded Zeropoint Studios (a boutique digital media agency) in 2010 .

One of her most rewarding projects was starting the I am Love Revolution non-profit in her hometown community of Kalk Bay, delivering holistic extramural programs and self-expression workshops to underprivileged primary school children.


 In 2020 – 2021 working on a project for DevelopMe Solutions, Wendy high-level designed, scoped, and costed an innovative educational toolkit learning journey project for children aged 5-12 yrs. in rural and urban areas for African and global rollout. The project focuses on developing psychological, social, and emotional growth. Teaching self-leadership skills, empowering children, processes and leadership in communities beyond 2030.

Her ongoing study of Jungian psychology, the Law of One material, metaphysics, resonance science, spirituality and human behaviour is a driving force and inspiration in her current endeavours.

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Education & Experiences


  • Fashion Design Diploma: FDMC Johannesburg
  • Business Management Diploma: FDMC Johannesburg
  • Advanced Fashion Design Diploma (National Higher Diploma Certificate) Johannesburg
  • London City of Guilds Diploma – Fashion Design Johannesburg
  • David Jones Fashion Business Management course, Portobello Business Centre – London
  • Bookkeeping and VAT – Portobello Business Centre- London
  • Restaurant start up course-Portobello Business Centre- London
  • Drama course – South Thames College London
  • Jungian Psychology – The School of Jung – Johannesburg
  • Demartini Institute Concourse of Wisdom School – Human Behaviour – Johannesburg
  • Screen Writing – Creative Industries–Johannesburg
  • Trained Fine Artist – Alain Nortje – Pretoria
  • SPARK-Screenwriting – NFVF- Johannesburg
  • SEDIBA-Advanced Producers & SEDIBA-Emerging Producers – NFVF
  • Social Media-Hana Hana – Brite Fire & Social Media-Boot Camp-Brite Fire – Cape Town
  • Twitter Course Brite Fire – Cape Town
  • Therapeutic Art Life Coach accreditation– Transformation Academy –
  • Trained Personal Development Analyst and Coach – PDA International
  • Conscious Consulting Masterclass – CCG



  • Personal development coach and analyst
  • Certified Art Life Coach,
  • Trained Demartini Facilitator
  • Consultant at Conscious Consulting Group 
  • More than 28 years of professional experience in various leadership, creative, and marketing roles across her own labels and brands, to fashion houses in London, her boutique digital agency, international brands, and other start-ups.
  • Content Development & Creative Producing & Directing
  • Facilitator, Mentor, Lecturer & Flow coach
  • Instructional design & Curriculum Planning, Programme development

Fields of work


  • Navigating brand & business frequency
  • Leading from the heart
  • The art of letting go, building trust
  • Conscious team culture 
  • Conscious creation and creativity
  • Co-creating conscious brands, organisations 
  • Conscious creative marketing
    • Brand values: Steering toward true north
    • Brand DNA & Differentiation
    • Finding your brand’s authentic voice 
    • Creating aligned content


  • Tuning in: frequency of our desired future
  • Co-creating heart-centered team culture
  • Being conscious and self-aware: Alignment 
  • Release the old paradigm to create the new 
  • Embracing the fear of change in uncertainty
  • Creative expression workshops
  • Wellness and self-care