Yingzhao Liu

Yingzhao Liu

Senior Advisor

Design Leader & Group Facilitator, Advisor for Individuals and Leader Focused on Transformation & Interation




Yingzhao Liu is currently a senior advisor at Conscious Consulting Group, a strategist for the network leadership organization Converge for Impact, and lecturer at Stanford University on Designing for Well-being. She has recently been design director for international markets at LinkedIn, leading teams from diverse cultures. She has a practice of integrating deep spiritual practice with our complex modern life—drawing from Zen Buddhism as well as the Native American path, Ying supports others on their journey of inner and outer transformation by shifting consciousness to deeper and deeper levels.
She also leads experiential education for American students in Asia, for a pioneering company called Where There Be Dragons. Ying is native to mainland China and came to the U.S. at age 18, at home in liminal spaces and eventually found her tribe of global citizens, artists, and quiet revolutionaries who live in both the modern and the timeless. 
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  • Dogen
  • Carl Jung 
  • Chögyam Trungpa 

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Meet Yingzhao Liu

Get to Yingzhao Liu and learn her unique approach on integration on the Conscious Consulting Group.

Listen to Ying’s Podcast on Impact Networks: IMPACT NETWORKS – is the topic of our new Podcast Episode with CCG Advisor, Artist, Network Consultant and Design Strategist yingzhao liu.

#Networks play an increasingly important role in solving cross-boundary problems: climate, environment, social, cultural and political issures.

Intelligent networks are everywhere and we are still learning how to live and work together as diverse equals in networks – rather than in hierarchies stemming from linear industrial-age thinking – they can’t do the work.



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