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We strongly believe that business can be a major agent for positive change. New regenerative Organizations emerge integrating positive impact on people, environment and society, fueled by sustainable growth and solid business results. 

Conscious Consulting Group brings together the essence of ancient human wisdom, contemporary science and deep experience in business, leadership and consulting to support the emergence and cultivation of a positive future for leaders, organizations and society. 

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Holistic Purpose

Organizations, who are trying to find their own purpose. Employees who ask for meaning, because they want to make sure they spend their lifetime on something that matters.

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Daoist Leadership

Learn about Daoist Leadership and how to make wise decisions with world-renowed Daoist Teacher Shantena Augusto Sabbadini and Executive Consultant Christian Mayhofer.

Exploring Liminal Spaces

Learn about the transformative potential of Liminal Spaces with Stanford Lecturer Yingzhao Liu and Executive Consultant Christian Mayhofer

Conscious Entrepreneurship

Learn about Conscious Entrepreneurship and what it means to found from the inside out with Selin Billi Mallinson and Lisa Maria Centeno

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Blog Organizations – like our bodies, garages, basements and lives – accumulate weight and clutter over the years. A lot

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Blog When we, the CCG Advisory Team meet every other Monday evening we spare some time to explore one key

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CONSCIOUS CONSULTING is a new approach designed for a still emerging new era in our lifetime.

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Blog 2020 was a year full of challenges and new situations for all of us. No matter whether we liked

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Blog We, the CCG advisory Team explored the following question: What are important principles and qualities guiding our consulting and

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Blog It is a dis-integrated time. We feel the chaos and the tension, the incongruence, in our world, in our

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