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IMPACT NETWORKS - our New Podcast Episode

Today’s challenges cannot be solved with yesterdays thinking. Hierarchical organizations stem from the industrial age and its linear mindset. 

This is why we dedicate our new podcast episode and this newsletter to the emerging and urgent topic of  IMPACT NETWORKSIn our latest podcast episode we explore how Impact Networks work, grow and function and why they will play a critical part in solving today’s most urgent problems such as climate change, environmental decline and social justice. And how Impact Networks tap into the power of shared purpose and collective intelligence of networks.

With CCG Advisor Yingzhao Liu

In our last CCG – Conscious Consulting Group Open House We explored together with like-minded people from all over the world: 

  • What is the future of Consulting going to look like?
  • What will and should be the purpose and impact of Consulting of the future?
We put together some take-aways for you:
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Daoist Leadership

Learn about Daoist Leadership and how to make wise decisions with world-renowed Daoist Teacher Shantena Augusto Sabbadini and Executive Consultant Christian Mayhofer.

Exploring Liminal Spaces

Learn about the transformative potential of Liminal Spaces with Stanford Lecturer Yingzhao Liu and Executive Consultant Christian Mayhofer

Conscious Entrepreneurship

Learn about Conscious Entrepreneurship and what it means to found from the inside out with Selin Billi Mallinson and Lisa Maria Centeno

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We all carry a bit of narcissistic behavior in us but severe narcissism can be harmful for the people around. Often, especially in the workplace, avoiding a narcissist is not an option, so how can we cope with this toxicity and even find our way to make peace with it? 

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Organizations, who are trying to find their own purpose. Employees who ask for meaning, because they want to make sure they spend their lifetime on something that matters.

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While Buddhist Economics as a field of research may still be new to many, it has grown over the last few decades. Buddhism is powerful only, when applied to the very heart of our everyday lives, business and society.

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The key principle of the holistic perspective is for us as Conscious Consultants to learn to comprehend and engage (work with) with complete integrative systems.

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Blog The most conscious time for a founder is most probably the period of the first phase of the startup.

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Blog Daoism and Leadership are not an obvious match. Daoism teaches us the attuitude of non-doing, not-knowing, selflessness, humbleness, spontaneity

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